The Awesome Indies is getting a brand new website. Tahlia Newland (coordinator), Ruthanne Reid (designer), and a team of volunteers have been working hard this past month to get ready for the opening on the 1st of November.

The new look site will be set up as a shop with purchase buttons linking to all the major ebook sales outlets as well as the Book Depository (free shipping worldwide) for those who like paperbacks. The Amazon and iTunes links will be global links that will automatically send customers to their local store — no more ending up in the wrong store. And those with reading devices that take epub files will find plenty of books for their devices on the new site.

Books to suit your taste will be easy to find by searching categories and tags. And books can be listed in more than one category, making it easy to see exactly what mix of genres you’ll find inside. This is particularly important for Awesome Indies’s  books because some many of them cross genres.

Books will have their own product page with a great deal more information about them than on the present site, so you won’t have to leave the site to find the information you need to make your decision.

Reduced books will appear on a sale page and in a featured spot on the front page, making the bargains easy to find, and a streamlined menu will make negotiating the site a lot easier.

These are the books from the independent publishing industry that readers should be buying. These are the books that will not disappoint with poor editing and underdeveloped story lines. And if you’re looking for something different, the Awesome Indies is the place to find it.

To mark the opening of the new site, over 50 books will be on sale for November 1st and 2nd — many of them rarely discounted and all priced under $3. And one lucky reader will receive a Kindle Paperwhite ereader. The giveaway closes at the end of the weekend.

Visit Awesome Indies Books next weekend to see the new site, show your support, and pick up a bargain.

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